Video Spotlight: Leadership Best Practices

Posted on
August 20, 2020

COVID-19 Spotlight: Leadership Best Practices

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We've seen firsthand how fast a situation has evolved over the course of the pandemic. So, your organization and its leadership should be ready to respond quickly, decisively and of course effectively to whatever changes could head your way. That being said, a methodical and consistent approach to COVID-related arrangements is very important.  

Consider the simplest policy or procedures to promote that consistency. Having the right resources at hand whether that be current market rate benchmarks or robust time reporting products, streamlined negotiations and monitoring. Everyone's situation is different so you need to evaluate what resources are needed to respond to the crisis and then, just keep reassessing to see if things are working for your organization. An official board-approved policy that enables management to act quickly and in the best interest of the community and organization can provide important structure and documentation for COVID-related contracts and amendments.

Other important ways to engage your board are frequent, regular reports to the board that itemize the organization's plans and actions.  We also recommend creating a board and management task force to monitor actions taken under COVID and provide oversight.  Leadership should consistently monitor the financial impact of COVID-related activities on the organization.  And lastly, hospital leadership should be communicating very clearly defined expectations of board members and of management to respond to situations that arise as a result of the crisis.

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