HCCA 2016: Compliance in the Country: Considerations for Critical Access and Rural Hospitals

Posted on
April 19, 2016

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Tomi Hagan, Senior Consultant, Compliance, Quorum Health Resources

For Critical Access Hospitals, the objective is always to accomplish more with fewer resources. While many Critical Access Hospitals can't afford to have a dedicated FTE as a compliance officer, it is important to stay in the know. When you are a smaller organization, you have fewer opportunities to identify issues, but it is important to stay in practice with compliance best practices.

Rural and Critical Access Hospitals face unique challenges and regulations, however they also do somethings better than large organizations. Small hospitals often have an easier time cultivating a culture of compliance. When there are fewer people, it is simply easier to get them onboard. Similarly, it is more feasible to train everyone in an organization on the compliance program and to get face time between the departments and the compliance officer.

For more information specifically on navigating physician contracts at rural hospitals check out our infographic.