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Facility Totals Benchmarks provide insight into how much hospitals spend and how many services are paid for non-employed physician contracts. Totals for call coverage, administrative, leadership, and hospital-based physician services are provided, enabling a hospital to be compared to similar organizations. MD Ranger calculates these benchmarks by summing estimated annual payments for all reported coverage, direction, and hospital-based contracts submitted by its large subscriber base of hospitals and health systems. Taking each facility as a single data point, a distribution of facility total spending is formed and the percentile values are reported.

  • MD Ranger calculates a facility's total non-salary estimated physician spend.
  • The benchmarks are calculated from call coverage, medical direction, other administrative positions, and hospital-based contracts.
  • The benchmarks do not include collection guarantees (when we don't have enough information) and positions with no net annual payment data.

MD Ranger recently analyzed how facility size affects physician compensation and as a result, has increased the number of facility size benchmark cuts available. Bed counts will be available in three slices: under 100 beds, between 100 and 300 beds, and above 300 beds. Average daily census will also have three slices: under 75, between 75 and 150, and above 150. Our hope is that this refinement will help our member healthcare organizations compare themselves more accurately to their peers.

Facility totals benchmarks are included with a full MD Ranger subscription, however, if you are interested in purchasing the Facility Totals report separately, please call our office at 650-692-8873 or visit our contact us page.

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