What’s the Best Way to Educate Doctors about Compliance?

Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations are full of physicians who have no idea what the compliance team does. If it’s the case at your organization, you must first educate your medical staff.

Minimally, physicians must be told about regulations, enforcement news, advisory opinions, the OIG work plan, trends in your state, and information relevant to their specialty. But there are many other ways to educate physicians about the compliance process.

Best practices include offering different types of training (online, in person, etc.), incorporating tactics for all different types of learning styles, and asking physicians themselves how they prefer to receive training. One thing you should avoid is scheduling an educational session for members of the medical staff during their negotiation with your facility. If you try to talk to a doctor about regulations during a negotiation, it can be difficult and can lead to mistrust. If you can’t avoid training during ongoing negotiations, consider having training leader hired from outside the organization.

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