Establish Objectives for Physician Contracting and Possible Compromises

Preparing for a physician contract negotiation? As you've likely discovered, these conversations take time and effort, and often go differently than anticipated. Discussing compensation, no matter how positive the business relationship may be, can present challenges.

Whether you are a hospital administrator negotiating with a key multi-specialty group, or an independent physician asking for increased call coverage pay, care preparation can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Establish objectives and define how you can compromise. After you have a sense of contract payment rates and ranges, define the scope of work and expectations of the position and determine what you are willing to negotiate. Your negotiation objectives should be consistent with fair market value, as well as your hospital's overall financial commitments for physician services. Data are now available to allow a hospital to see how the cost of each contract fits into its overall physician costs, which can be particularly helpful for overall physician strategy.

Want to discuss your organization's contract negotiation process with an expert? Email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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